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MyMentor is convenient...
Talk to your coach from anywhere, on your lunch break, before bed, or before work. Our coaches are flexible and coach virtually by phone or video.
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MyMentor is affordable...
We aren’t here to bankrupt you like some other sites. Our coaches have reasonable rates, even though we are highly trained and seasoned coaches. It’s not about the money. It’s about providing value.
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Our coaches are certified...
All of our coaches are trained and certified through the top coaching certifications in the world. From ICF to NLCA, our coaches have been through the fire to help you.
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Featured Coaches

Take a look at some of our top performing coaches.  Each is certified in their area of expertise and ready to help you find your path to success.

Believe you are great. The right people will believe you are too!
Inspirational | Purpose Coaching | Single Moms
Once you hit rock bottom, UP is the only option!
Divorce | Dysfunctional Family | Single Moms
“Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou
Branding | Health & Wellness | Purpose Coaching
Your attitude determines your altitude.
Break-Up | Confidence | Singles
Tiffany C
Tiffany C
Live authentically and be your true self because life is Chess, not checkers. So let your NEXT move be your BEST move!
Estranged Father & Daughter | Femininity | Mindset

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We focus on virtual mentoring and coaching because that is where we believe the industry is going. In a fast paced society, visiting a coach in an office space may soon be non-existent. For safety, ease, and comfort we believe it’s best the coach and client alike are able to connect from the comfort of their respective homes.

Someone for Everyone

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