Having a life coach like Cherrelle has been a life changing experience!

Having a life coach like Cherrelle has been a life changing experience! Where do I begin. My very first session with Cherrelle was April 6, 2020. I was a little apprehensive due to my previous experience with a therapist. With my therapist I felt like I could only express my feelings. There was no faith feedback nor was I given any tools to practice and work on myself. I felt very stagnant in my path to healing. However, after watching Tony Gaskins on YouTube, I decided to take another route and find a life coach. I was looking for a faith-basedcounselor who was more hands on throughout my journey. I went on www.mymentor.life and thanks to God, I found Cherrelle’s page. My life has made a complete 360 within these last five months. I battled with anxiety, depression, self-doubt and low self-esteem. My anxiety and fear have crippled me from pursuing my dreams of becoming doctor. I avoided retaking my MCAT for 3 years. I am happy to say I finally conquered this beast of a test this month.  I have been able to pursue things I thought I never had the strength to do. I’m Dreaming again. After going through so many heartaches and trauma, I also developed trust issues with people. However, Cherrelle made it so easy for me to open up.  Cherrelle is very personable, empathetic, really enjoys her profession and knows what she is doing. Our sessions consist of assessing emotions, needs andapplying the word of God in my life. It is so refreshing and comforting to know that God has given me a sister in Christ to help me get closer to my purpose and most importantly to the Lord. It has been a blessing and a pleasure working with Cherrelle. I highly recommend Cherrelle to anyone looking for faith-based mentoring. You will not be disappointed!  

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