🎭Pretty Ugly🎭

🎭Pretty - attractive in a delicate way 🎭Ugly - offensive to the sight. "She is Pretty Ugly, wouldn't you agree?"


* Is being considered Pretty better than being considered Ugly (🤷)?

* Is the glass 1/2🍷Full or 1/2 Empty🍷(🤔)?

* Who gets the deciding vote (✅) in your life?

* What do you say (🗣️) about yourSelf? 

* Can you Love yourSelf as much when you feel Ugly (🐛) as when you feel Pretty (🦋)? 

* How do you Perceive yourSelf from day to day?

* Does you Self- Perception change based on what happens within or without?

(The difference between Pretty & Ugly is Perception 🧠)

  1. READ the PRETTY UGLY Poem from Top 🔝 to Bottom ⬇️ then from End 🔚 to Beginning ➡️ as directed.


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