🦋Keys for happiness and peace of mind

🦋Keys for happiness and peace of mind 

. Lower your expectations of other people. 

. Do your personal best then Surrender the outcome of everything to God. 

. Be thankful for EVERYTHING big and small, the good and what you may think is bad. 

. Tell God what you want. 

We are HUMAN we make bad decisions, we are sometimes selfish. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with any of that. It is called “living”.  It is filled with trial and error. 

We hear all the time that we should not come down too hard on ourselves, when we make a mistake; or do something that does not have the outcome that we would prefer. The same rule goes for other HUMANS. You should not place expectations on other people. It does not matter whether it’s our children, a spouse, a political or religious figure. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and by doing this you are not being fair to yourself or that person. 

 Treat the important people in your life with love and respect be encouraging when positive behaviors are displayed and surrender the rest to the only person that can truly influence them. GOD. 

 For you to do anything else is a sure recipe for disappointment and sadness. 

 Love, laughter and Light



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