1 Simple away to Empower Yourself On Your Way to Your Desire

Hello! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day today! 

Today I want to talk about one super simple way to empower yourself on your way to your desire.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to be far away from your goal. If you’re 50 pounds away or thousands of dollars away or multiple medical treatments away from a goal, it can feel almost discouraging or disheartening.

What if I told you that it really doesn’t have to feel that way? I want you to challenge your perspective on your goals/desires. 

What if you believed they weren’t that far away? 

A super simple way to empower yourself on your way to your desire is to… show acts of faith!! 


what do I mean by this?? If you want to be a world traveler.. buy a passport or luggage! Start looking up flights. Get your energy in the traveling mode!

If you want to be a lawyer and you’re in school and it’s going to take you years.. why not start dressing up like a lawyer today? Buy yourself a little suit that makes you look good. Surround yourself with lawyers and get a haircut that makes you look beautiful yet serious. 

If you want a nicer body, tell yourself beautiful positive image affirmations, get a new wardrobe, get clothes that make your figure look more shapely. 

We don’t really have to wait for our desires to happen. 

We can make that happen! 

You are really not that far from your desire😉

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