10 Tips For Growing Your Hair Long & Thick

Read these awesome tips if you're looking to grow/improve your hair!

1. Nutrition– Your hair grows from the inside out. Make sure you eat clean and nutritious food because it will reflect on everything from your body, skin & hair. Foods that are high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins play a major role on healthy hair growth.


2. Scalp Massage

Give your scalp a massage everyday for at least 5 minutes (preferably with your head upside down). This will aid in blood flow to your scalp, which will in turn aid in healthy hair growth. Exercising (particularly cardio) will also get blood flowing everywhere in your body including your scalp. However, massaging is a great way to add more focal blood flow to your scalp.


3. Don’t Overwash/Underwash your Hair

Don’t over-wash or under-wash your hair. Over washing i.e. every day or every other day will wash out your natural oils and dry out your hair and scalp. Under-washing your hair will cause too much build-up on your scalp, which will not aid in hair growth.

If your hair is too oily, you literally have to train your hair not to become too oily after every wash. If you wash your hair every day, your body works to produce oil for your hair every day. If you stop washing everyday, you’re training your body NOT to produce that oil daily in turn transitioning your hair not to become oily after just one day.

This kind of hair training might take you a few months but it will benefit your hair in the long term. You have to make sure your scalp is in the best possible shape because that’s where growth occurs. Ideally, every 3-4 days is the best for your scalp/hair.


4. Use Quality Shampoos/Conditioners/Products

Only use sulfate free/paraben free/ silicone free shampoo. Shampoos that contain these ingredients are too harsh on your hair, which will in turn dry out your hair which will make it more prone to breakage. Treat your hair with kindness and don’t add these harsh chemicals that will break your hair’s follicles.


5. Hair Trimming

Myth- Trim your hair every month. Truth- Trim your hair every 3 months. Do NOT trim your hair every month! You are literally not giving your hair a chance to grow. If you have too much damage in your hair and want to gradually take it off without losing length, then maybe you should trim every month.

However, if that’s the case, I would recommend cutting off all the damage and starting fresh with your hair growth journey. Damage that is left in your hair will cause more damage in the healthy hair you do have. Also, make sure that you only use a hair-cutting scissor. Other scissors may damage your hair and may potentially cause split ends.


6.  Hair Combing

Use a wide toothed comb. Comb your hair from the bottom up. If you start combing from your scalp, you are adding too much pressure on the knots as your work your way down which will cause hair breakage. Less breakage=thicker, longer hair!


After you wash your hair, DO NOT comb it right away. Wait until your hair is damp then gently comb from bottom up. Wet hair is the weakest hair and most prone to breakage.

Tip: Comb out your hair before washing it. Also don’t put your hair is one big ball of shampoo on your head in the shower, rather wash it straight down and lather without adding it all on top of your head. This will prevent unnecessary knots therefore reducing breakage.


7. Refrain from Heat

Extremely hard I know. But try to refrain from heat as much as you can. If you must, try to lower the setting on your blow dryer/iron when you initially start styling the gradually increase heat. Make sure you’re using quality hot tool(s) along with a heat protectant. Best quality straighteners are either ceramic or titanium. They’re smooth and don’t pull on your hair as much. I recommend not going over 365 F (185 C).


8. Use Oils!

I cannot stress enough how much oils have transformed my hair. Oils are amazing for your hair. Different oils play different roles in hair growth.  Here are some of the best oils for hair growth.


Castor Oil (make sure its dark castor oil bc it contains more nutrients).

Rich in Vitamin E, proteins & minerals. I usually mix this with another oil since castor oil is extremely thick (i.e. coconut oil). I add my oil mixture to my scalp and hair twice a week usually one night before I wash.


Olive Oil

Extremely moisturizing and rich in Vitamin E. It’s extremely lightweight and penetrates hair shaft to lock in moisture. It’s a great natural conditioner which will give you touchably softer hair with regular use. It also helps treat dandruff.


Argan Oil

Extremely hydrating and moisturizing oil that is also very high in Vitamin E. This oil is ultra rich in antioxidants and helps to repair damaged hair/split ends. This is known as liquid gold for your hair!


Jojoba Oil

Known for it’s moisturizing and healing properties that are great for your skin and hair. Regular use will make hair frizz free and will aid in the growth of new hair cells, acts against dandruff therefore reducing hair fall.


Coconut Oil

Natural conditioning oil also rich in Vitamin E & antioxidants which helps repair damaged hair. This oil penetrates deep into hair follicles which intensely moisturizes dry hair, stimulates growth, and repairs and hair issues with continual use. I literally go through bottles of coconut oil. This oil is great for your skin as well. It is one of nature’s gifts.


Sesame Oil

Great for treating scalp infections and fungal infections since it is anti-microbial. This oil is best used when HOT as a hot oil treatment. This will nourish your scalp, prevent dandruff, and it’s Vitamin E will aid in hair growth.


Rosemary Oil

When added to scalp, it helps prevent baldness, stimulate “rapid” hair growth since it increases the micro-circulation of the scalp and promotes healing. Adding a few drops to your oil mixture will help you grow your hair by almost 23%.


Tip- Mix all these oils in a bowl and use a dropper to add to scalp then add the rest to your remaining hair. Also adding MSM (Methyl/Sulfonal/Methane aka organic sulfur) to the mix will dramatically make a difference to your locks if used with persistence. Most people don’t know that MSM is the key for your body to produce and maintain keratin which is vitally responsible for hair and nails.


9. Put Your Hair Up During Sleep

When you come to go to sleep, comb out your knots and put your hair in a braid or twist with a clip. This styling will secure your locks and prevent unnecessary knots that will prevent breakage. If you have long thick hair like me, check out the clip I like to use when I go to sleep here.


10. Hair Treatments

I get either keratin/botox treatment (which is basically an organic keratin). I switch between the two but most of the time I go for the botox. These treatments have made my hair much stronger and more manageable over time.

Both treatments are known to add protein, reduce frizz and lessen texture in your hair. Keratin is stronger therefore straightening your hair more which is why I usually go for hair botox which leaves a little more volume. I go every 4-6 months depending on condition of my hair.


BONUS- Hair Supplement

Hairtamin contains many extremely vital and nourishing hair vitamins/minerals all in one daily tablet. I noticed my hair getting much, much thicker initially within the first 3 months. As soon as it thickened up over the year, I started noticing major length along with my hair’s thickness being more and more evened out from scalp to ends. I’ve tried different brands but seen the best results with Hairtamin. It’s also contains all natural ingredients that are gluten free, allergen free & cruelty free.

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