100% Guarantee

Recently I purchased a new refrigerator for my home. Part of the transaction included asking about the guarantee and the warranty. I wanted to be confident that it was going to do what the seller said it was capable of doing. So I read the fine print, paid for the extended warranty, and anxiously awaited delivery. When I bought my TV, I asked about the guarantee. 
While thinking about all of this, a thought occurred to me. Have I ever required a warranty for myself, of my decisions and goals?
Why do we expect appliances and other people to provide us with a guarantee, but we don’t hold that same standard for ourselves. What if you decided that you were going to require yourself to provide a warranty? What would change in your life if you set your mind to guarantee and follow through with the goals you set. 
Think about how differently your future process would be with you requiring yourself to be big, bad, and bold enough to guarantee that you will get things done. Stop depending on the push from someone else, because there may come a day when they are too tired, too busy or too discouraged to motivate you. So, change it up today, and as Eric Thomas (ET) would say, put a guarantee on yourself.

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