$199 a year will be your smallest business expense

We hope you’re doing amazing!

We here at MyMentor created this platform with the coach in mind. We understand there are a lot of expenses in day-to-day life. Once children come into the picture things get even more pricey. That is why we charge the least we can to help you meet new clients. Just one client could pay for several years of membership. One booking could cover the cost of several months of membership on the site. We did that on purpose to make it well worth the investment.

Our goal is to help you earn enough extra income that $199/year is the least of your worries. While creating abundance in your life, use this as exercise. We break it down like this. $199/year is only $16.50 a month. That is $0.50 a day. To only pay $0.50 a day and be able to earn hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands a year is what we envisioned.

Our advice is to keep tweaking and perfecting your profile. Update your profile picture with a professional picture if you haven’t already. Write a nice bio. Choose a great quote. Also, write at least three blogs so prospective clients can understand your mindset and philosophies. The best profiles get the most clients. This is a very real opportunity, so please take a day out of your time and perfect your profile to the best of your ability. If you need any resources, please email us at

Happy Coaching!