Carmen Mentor Life Coach: Part 1: About Me

One of my biggest achievements is..

I’m a Certified Life Coach of Tony Gaskins Academy, mentor, consultant, entrepreneur, software engineer and health & wellness aficionada. I love motivating, inspiring and making positive changes into people’s lives !


I coach in the following categories: 

🔹 Singles, Dating, Ex-Lover, Relationships, Love, Couples, Marriage

🔹 Dysfunctional Family, Healing, Changing Your Life, Friendship

🔹 Growth, Mindset, Goals, Self-Love, Motivation, Positivity, Character

🔹 Health, Wellness, Weight Loss, Natural Medicine, Supplements

🔹 Beauty, Glow-Up, Makeover, Fashion, Feminity, Confidence

🔹 Entrepreneur, Business, Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Online Business

🔹 Hope, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Trust, Overcoming Negative Feelings

🔹 Time Management, Red Flags, Emotional Intelligence


The reason i can offer you a great deal of help is because I’ve been through many hardships and storms which have only strengthened me and my belief in God, made me better, wiser, more ambitious and taught me what life is truly about, how to handle and view relationships, business, what are the steps and the mindset to grow, evolve, succeed and have a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.


I’ve managed to overcome struggles of doing things on my own without help and having no one to turn to, of starting from scratch not knowing if it will work out or not, of having bills, debts and wishes but not having any money, of doing things differently than my family and friends expected of me because i chose to believe in myself and my dreams. I’ve overcome disappointments, betrayal, fear, anger, bullying and years of stress and abuse that have led me to become severely sick and gain 133 lbs extra weight. I had to learn the right from the wrong choices by losing time, health, money, opportunities and almost my life. Still i never lost my hope and will to succeed, took everything as life lessons and continued to learn, grow and better myself through it all. One of my biggest achievements is losing these 133 lbs in the healthiest manner by learning Natural Medicine so i could treat myself and reach my best shape ever.


Now i am using everything i’ve learned to help people like you, so I am always here to listen to your story, bring clarity by answering your questions, to support and motivate you so that you too can overcome all the issues in your life, turn your pain into your power, your losses into lessons, heal your body and soul and become the best version of yourself so that you can have the relationship, job, business and life you’ve always wanted ! Please continue to read how i can help you, book a session for advice, help & motivation on Love, Dating, Relationships, Singles, Ex-Lover, Family, Friends, Business, Health, Wellness & much more and come back for my free blog content that i post regularly.


Write to me at CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m  for any questions or details !

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