2020 Reflections Part 1: Purpose

We made it through the 2020 storm ladies and gentlemen, we made it! In the words of my late grandmother, Berutha Duncan (August 8, 1920-July 19, 2020), “thank you, thank you, thank you.” Her daily gratitude was as infectious as her smile, sweet nature and faith. She taught me to always show appreciation and kindness to others and her longevity and health was her blessing for living this truth. As she lay in bed squeezing my hand tight, I felt her wisdom, courage, strength, sacrifice and eternal spirit transfer and move through me. Her body had shut down, she was weak and unable to talk or eat, but she continued to embody poise and strength in her final moments. She passed away peacefully in her sleep of natural causes, just shy of her 100th birthday. She lived her life the way she wanted, leading with peace and love, a true queen. 2020 reminded me that purpose is extremely important to me and I know that caring for granny is part of my purpose and a great honor that I’ll cherish forever. 2020 has taught me that I can and will do anything I desire and put my mind to. I learned that when it’s all said and done, love is all there is. In a world filled with hate, greed, corruption and lies, I choose to see the good. I choose to be good. I choose me first and foremost. I learned that I am, have always been and will forever be enough, as I am. I understand that fear is an illusion of the mind and outward influences. Fear does not exist in my world. 2020 reminded me to cherish the present day and to live life safely, responsibly and with intention. I learned that my love and appreciation for my family is endless. I learned to develop my relationship with myself and God. 2020 has elevated my creativity, confidence and business savvy. I know now that part of my purpose has always been to serve others and to inspire greatness. 2020 has taught me to practice self-reflection often; to learn as much as possible always; to teach when called to do so; to remain grateful no matter the season and to strive for greatness within myself and in life. Death is inevitable and not within our control, however living is a choice. I choose to live everyday with intention and direction. When you tap into your purpose you’ll hopefully feel more free, happy and confident which will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life. My challenge for you is to spend a lot of focused time with yourself, your thoughts and your vision for your life. Write down any and everything that comes to mind for a designated time period each day. Practice this everyday, it’s worth the investment. At the end of each week reflect on all of your thoughts and seek to find understanding, patterns, areas to develop, likes, dislikes and things you need to purge, etc. This simple exercise is part of my daily routine and helps me to maintain focus and clarity while living in purpose. You’ll begin to hold yourself accountable and better understand your habits, fears, strengths and courses of action. Next, get your vision board together so that you have a constant visual reminder of your plan. The rest will work itself out through daily steps toward your goals and faith. Add this intentional task to your day and embrace your transformation. Your life depends on you living in purpose, you can do it!      

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