Valentines Day For Singles


Dun dun dun…’s that time of year again. If you’re in a relationship, then congrats on you doing those oh so cute activities filled with flowers, balloons, and cute Instagram post. Just remember ladies: make sure your man doesn’t only show his love for you on this day, and neglect the remaining 364 other days […]

Do I Need a Life Coach?


Is your life currently in a rut?

Do you feel somewhat lost and need help to get unstuck??

Have you gotten tired of maintaining the status quo?

Has life just been more of the same, year after year, with no progress??

Are you ready to break free from the repetitive cycle of mediocrity…and ready to breakthrough to that next level?

How Does Life-Coaching Benefit You?


A few years back, I underwent a series of life-coaching sessions when I was at a crossroads in my life.  I had some big decisions to make about my future and my life-purpose.

I knew there was sooo much more I wanted to be and do, but  I wasn’t 100% clear about exactly what I wanted to do…or how to get there.

My life-coach was a pivotal part of helping me to narrow my focus and to uncover the mystery of what I really wanted to do.  In addition, she helped me to devise a concrete plan to actually get there.

After the process, I emerged much stronger and more enlightened.