Jealousy Stunts Your Growth


“For years, I just thought that I was not all that attractive. I thought I had been dealt a bad hand and just had to wait my turn. There were so many pretty women out there – how was I supposed to compete?”

I’m excited


I’m excited to be apart of this platform and I hope to coach people who are ready to live their lives on purpose in purpose!

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: The two mindsets that significantly shape our lives.


  Our lives are significantly shaped by the mindset we have developed.  There are two mindsets that can be adopted into our outlook on living. One contributes to continuous learning and improvement while the other limits our capabilities.  The level of success you feel in your life and the heights you reach are significantly influenced by which mindset […]



Allowing Their Lack of Faith in you, to be your Strongest Attribute. 💪 robingk81

Prayer and Therapy can coexist.


There is power in prayer and there is power in therapy. For so long therapy has been frowned upon and or has been associated with being bad or negative. People also would say stuff like you’re crazy because you’re in therapy. In the Christian community they tell you to pray about, pray about it and […]

When you fix what’s on the Inside…Everything that’s on the outside falls in place❤


The first step to Healing is Surrender. God wants to Heal your broken Heart but you have to be willing to give Him ALL the pieces. Your Healing begins when you become Vulnerable and Surrender EVERYTHING to Jesus❤