Faith=Forever Applying Inspiration Too ❤


Never let life’s obstacles stop you or slow you down. God is standing close by to catch you when you fall. God gives his soldier’s the biggest test. Faith is walking in God’s purpose for your life!

5 Mistakes Women Make in Dating


Relationships are complicated in general. But dating?? Psh talk about tough especially during these times. Whether you’re wife material, newly single and ready to mingle, or getting over a breakup, it’s all hard.   But, I have to be honest with the ladies……..   Sometimes it’s US who make mistakes and mess things up for […]

Youtube Can Build Your Coaching Business!


Are you on Youtube? Do you ever watch Youtube videos? Well, Youtube is a world of its own. It would be wise to make it your daily video diary. Even if you can only spare five minutes a day, it will soon be very worth it. 1. Download the Youtube app on your smartphone. 2. […]

Checkout The New Coaching Categories


Make sure you’ve selected the top three areas for your expertise.

Estimation Is Never An Accurate Measurement.


Let go of your mentality of greater than, and lesser than. Because when God shows up he may just show up as the 1% ~robingk81

It’s on you!


You have greatness in you! There’s a call on your life! God made you uniquely! But, it’s on you! I can coach you but it’s on you! Happiness? It’s on you! Success? It’s on you! I’m here to push you but ultimately, it’s on you! 

Loving through Dysfunction…


Healthy Love trumps All. Be a Light in the Midst of Darkness💫