Unleash Your Gift


One thing I am a huge believer and supporter of is aligning with your gifts. A significant number of people are working for a paycheck not meaning. Because of that, people tend to have a negative mindset about work, which then seeps into their overall life. I believe a major achievement and goal everyone in […]

I AM vs. I FEEL: The Character Separation Challenge


A short read on how to separate your self concept from any current circumstance you may be facing.

Follow God


” So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.” ( Matthew 6:33, TPT) When we mean business with God, He means business with us! He is a rewarded of those who diligently seek […]

Answer the Call


There are people that you don’t even know that are depending on you to be who God called you to be! Until you answer your call, the lives connected to it cannot be saved! Every one of us was uniquely created to fulfill a purpose on the earth. As stated in Jeremiah, before you were […]

Get Out of Your WAY & Believe!


No matter what they think of you, it’s how you think of yourself. Carry yourself with such confidence that people are confused in your presence. Confused bc what is being said about you do not match who you are.

I often say judging someone from the lips of others can be misleading, you have no idea what God is doing in someone’s life, that information is no longer valid in change! You also have no idea how low the enemy will go when he is attacking. He will use people very close to you to lie, scheme, and speak the worst over your name. Remove yourself from dead circles!

Change/Growth is the hardest to accept! People want to keep you where they last saw you, bc they still live there!

Don’t be ashamed of your growth. Switch lanes, add chapters, and be the very best you!

Confusing the enemy is winning! ❤️

Focus on your Purpose


“Our gifts do not come from our peers. Our gifts come from within our hearts.” Robin GK

Grace and mercy has kept me.


Sometimes we slip up and fall for the enemies trap. See he’ll paint a nice picture and make you feel like all is well but everything that looks good to us may not be good for us. Amen. You may feel like you’re already there and you can’t get out, so you get caught in […]