Why Ugly is Great!





I love this image, because I spent years running to escape the blessed life God had for me.  One day I decided that enough was enough, so I choose to do the work.  I am free and no longer seek to escape life.  Today, I speak life and live life.

Here To Serve


Good afternoon! When I engage with people while I’m out and about, one of the main questions I get is, “Who do you coach”? I coach parents on how to react when receiving TMI from their kids. I teach parents/single parents how to ask the right probing questions to get their teens to open up […]

Be Proud of Who God Made You To Be

Authenticity is a rare commodity these days. In social media it’s so easy and tempting to wish for a picture perfect lifestyle. We all know that things are not always what it appears to be. Learn to embrace your flaws and all and your imperfections. That’s what make you – You. You are perfect just […]

Choose You


Often times in relationship we take other people feelings into consideration before we take our own. When deciding to break up with our mate, we agonize over rather it is the best decision. We go back and forth, consult friends, and read articles looking for someone to tell us what to do. We want someone […]