Divorce Sucks!


Divorce sucks!!!  Take it from someone who has gone through one.  I can help you at whatever stage you are in.  From the point were it becomes a consideration to the point were it is a signed legal document; I can help you.  Even after it is over the process of becoming independent again is […]

Why is Co-parenting Worth It?


Co-parenting is more the normal now.  So let’s place some value on it.  Co-parenting is not about a failed relationship.  It is not about how to get back at your “ex.”  Co-parenting is not about you.  Co-parenting is giving your child(ren) the best case scenario in a not so best case situation.  That is the […]

Relationship Rules “Our Rules | Our Way


Relationships …… they are what we make them!

Are you using your time wisely?


Hello Hello, As I sit here trying to effectively manage my time today I am reminded not to beat myself up if I don’t check every item off my list today.  We often put more pressure on ourselves to be perfect in every aspect and that can sometimes be exhausting.  The key to remember is […]

Emotional Setbacks


Setbacks are usually hiccups or speed bumps that do not actually stop you. They are more like those things that slows down progress making it a little harder to succeed. Have you  ever been in the middle of watching your favorite television show to have it interrupted by a broadcast signal intrusion? The message played then […]

Unproductive Choices


I meditated at length on a dream I had yesterday when it finally hit me that I was seeing how we make unproductive choices without giving much thought to what we are doing. I had to look at this deeper and evaluate areas in my own life where I lacked productivity. When we learn that […]