My Journey

 I am grateful for my journey and everything I have been through in life.  Who knew those words would actually be coming from my mouth after everything I have been through.  Who knew God chose me to show the world what He can do with your life if you only trust Him and believe the […]

Mothers are…


“Extra pieces of heaven”…

What’s your blueprint?

  When you first decided to get a house build, you go and meet with the builders. You first have a picture of what your dream house looks like to you. They then get out all the bells and whistles. Your vision is placed on paper. this is your blueprint. the builders now have something […]

How do you treat negative thinking?


Lets try this to “stop” negative thoughts…

Bonus Moms


Today everyone is getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020, Quarantine Edition. Millions of moms will receive calls, text messages, hugs and gifts from their children. Subsequently, millions of stepmothers are left wondering whether they will receive any acknowledgement at all even though they do not hold the title. I like to remove the word […]

Mental Health


Your mental health controls you physical health.

You Have Control


You have control over all your emotions; hence you have control over how you feel at all times. If you tell yourself you’re weak, you are making yourself feel low in turn. So, always tell yourself the opposite of that negative feeling and become what’s already inside you, greatness! You are worthy!