11 Steps to Healthy & Effective Co-Parenting


Go get my new E-Book “11 Steps to Healthy and Effective Co-Parenting” on Amazon. This is just a precursor to my paperback book “The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Co-Parenting” coming in June 2020! -Miss Kris #Blessed#Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089FPC2KH/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_U_TZW0Eb5DA9653?fbclid=IwAR34jd2Puf4zGapltLIC-_zCal1ButzL37H8Oz4O6Zsvvwrw7Y-kZ1Wkm6s

You can do this!


I was listening to an audio book last week titled, “52 Mondays” by Vic Johnson and I absolutely loved it! In the book he gives us a pathway to success from Monday #1 through Monday #52. At the end of each “Monday” he gives us an affirmation that I’d like to share with you because […]

Nothing too hard


It is a new day and yes there is so much negative reports and so much division, but in the midst of all this, you have to see the greater good for you and all around you. When was the last time you put yourself first? When was the last time you looked yourself in […]

More Love Less Hate


More Love Less Hate



Stepping out with a leap of faith with trusting and believing in anything that you put your mind to. Rather if a person believes in you or not keeping going.

Smiling Faces


The most dangerous perpetrators will approach you with the perfect presentation👔💼👨‍⚖️ BE CAREFUL…Just my one cent

I AM….


I AM the books I read. I AM the thoughts I think. I AM the food I eat. I AM the music I listen to. I AM the people I surround myself with. I AM all that God has called me to be!