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If you want change,  you’ll change. Excuses will subside. The more you self love, the less you’ll deal with.  We can’t complain if we don’t put our voices out there. We are all a people and justice needs to be served.

Making the choice to be a happy single


For the longest time I had no intention of trying to be a happy single. Who does that? I questioned the Universe over and over. Why? What did I do wrong?  Now my mindset is 100% on what did I do right! I left toxic smelly and rotten relationships one by one. I at some […]

Six things to do before dating after divorce


Before I went back into the dating scene, there were several things that I had to deal with, and I am sharing this with you so you can avoid some pitfalls of dating too soon. Take the time to examine why you feel the urge to date again. Is it because you are lonely? If […]



Isn’t it interesting that the closer you get to completing a task or fulfilling a dream, all types of stumbling blocks get in your way.  Whether that stumbling block is physical, mental, or relational, the intent is the same. Stumbling blocks are intended to stop or hinder you from positively growing and advancing towards a […]

Walking By Faith Not Sight


I’m Walking With A New Beginning. “FaithoverFear” With Anything You Put Your Mindset To You Can “Conquer” With The Lord On Your Side. Remember to Always Stand With A “Strong” “Mindset”. Walk By Faith Not Sight.