Relationship Stress


The stress of the biological clock ticking has eased up considerably with the up and coming options presented in terms of childbearing. There are still those women that look toward natural conception under the umbrella of marriage and the home with the white picket fence.



What can emotions teach you?Emotions are not just to annoy you or make you miserable or ecstatic. The annoyance, misery and excitement are there to get your attention and offer you clues about the state of your life, your thoughts and what you should do next. When you learn to read the messages your emotions […]

Your Thinking Bank


You BECOME what you THINK about MOST of the time.

Co-Parenting Red Flags


Parenting is not an easy task to begin with, it doesn’t come with a manual and no one really knows if they’ve “got it right” until the kids are adults and telling you about all the times you messed up. (They’ll have their turn as parents and we’ll sit back and smile) When you add […]

The Healing Process


One of the reasons why so many women would rather remain in a toxic relationship is because they fear starting over. Being alone and working on healing scares women. When you end a relationship with someone you were attached to, at first it feels like it is the end of the world. Everything reminds you […]

Overcoming Competitive Jealousy by Embracing Your Gifts and Talents


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Hold the Space for Light


     As the dark clouds of sadness, grief and fear greatly spread throughout our country due to the familiarity of social injustices and racism, I can’t help but express my overwhelming concerns not only surrounding African American communities but also for mankind as whole. The ignorance and devalue of Black lives are growing rapidly […]

It’s never too late to start over


This weekend I actually made myself rest. I reset everything in my mindset.  I had to start all over again with my thinking. I understand that it was time to hit the reset button. I had been dwelling on old news and people. I had to keep blocking people who were no longer important to […]

Blame – Mirror – Character – Freedom


How do you behave when you have an issue? Do you blame others? Do you say it is your mom, boyfriend, boss, brother or dog’s fault? Do you continue to take the same life test often or over and over again? Do you wonder why you take the same test? Do you say this always […]

Daily Goals


I encourage you to set a goal EACH DAY that puts you one step closer to where you want to be in life. Maybe, it’s making a few calls to inquire about employment or education requirements, an internet search on housing, listening to a podcast for your business, making a doctor’s appointment, or setting aside […]