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The mind will be in constant questioning, distracting you from what your daily life needs to function fully and productively which leaves your mind stressed and drained.
The heart will be in anguish in a nonstop yearning for the relationship to feel confirmed and safe so it can mature in the love that you feel.
And the body, that poor body will be in turmoil, anxiety will have you up at night, eating becomes a chore and sleep is a nightmare in its self torturing you with thoughts, feelings and emotions that bring you to sad place! If your both on the same page and like the non committed feeling a situation-ship brings then great,… but if not and one of you want more that’s when something within the relationship needs to be evaluated or terminated!

It’s Time to Elevate Your Life


It is time to elevate your life.  Evaluate and assess your current state, disrupt the ineffective actions that you are currently participating in, educate yourself on an effective strategy to replace the ineffective processes, implement the new process and monitor its effectiveness.  Continue to move forward at the pace that is comfortable for you, taking […]



Send out love upon this day, Praying for all the families and loved ones whom are mourning and crying throughout this weekend and this week from the looses of there loved ones. Much love God bless you.🙏🙏🙏