God is Too Good and Our Days are Not Plenty

Many times we shy away from the fact that we will not be here forever. That is, in this life time. We go through ups and downs and usually those ups and downs are associated with other people. Either with something they have done to us or something we have done to them. I’m moved […]

Knowing your worth is bigger then that!

Knowing your worth is bigger then that!     Have you ever thought about how much am I worth? We often look at celebrities and know there worth. But have u ever looked at yourself and put a price on it? That’s crazy right? Take a min and look at yourself and put a price […]

Reflections on Toxic Relationships-A Lesson from Humpty Dumpty


In contemplating the intricacies of love and relationships, I am compelled to share a lesson through the lens of the Humpty Dumpty story—acknowledging the inevitability of failure and the valuable lessons to extract from it.

If the person with whom you share a relationship is entangled in toxicity, it necessitates a profound honesty with oneself about the choices made moving forward. While the desire to salvage the relationship is understandable, it is crucial to recognize the limits of trial and error within reason. Following any fall, the journey toward personal growth becomes paramount to become the highest version of oneself.

Investing time and effort in self-knowledge fosters confidence and cultivates an enriched, abundant mindset, firmly grounded in an understanding of one’s worth. This elevated perspective influences decision-making, making future choices resoundingly clear. In unequivocal terms, toxicity is deemed unacceptable.

Acknowledging the seemingly irrational attachment to toxic relationships, it is a stark reality that many are ensnared by the shortcomings of those they profess to love. This often stems from a failure to work on personal growth, mirroring the narrative of Humpty Dumpty—a character who, after a great fall, could not be restored by all the King’s Horsemen and Kingsmen.

The lesson here is clear: by refusing to address our individual issues and hold our partners accountable, we perpetuate suffering. The narrative of Humpty Dumpty serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to learn from our falls and break the cycle of perpetuating brokenness, which, in turn, impacts not only our relationships but extends its reach to families and communities.

Organically me, Tamika

God will give you the desires of your heart


God will always elevate you. He will never downgrade your desires. Keep searching and seeking him. 

Building Confidence

Simple ways to build confidence.

Nothing Works If You Don’t

Creating is your birthright and a powerful source for personal healing & spiritual growth.

Unsure where to start? Here Are a Few topics for Your First Mindset Coaching Session.

Start thinking and speaking LIFE by booking a coaching session that focuses on positive thinking and affirmations. Work with a coach to develop affirmations that address the specific challenges and limitations you are working to overcome. Get on a plan where you focus consistently on renewing your mind over the course of 30 days using […]

Golden Ticket


Society has a lot of people thinking if they look picture perfect and take good selfies they’re valuable. Pretty on the outside but broken hurts shines through. More plastic surgery than ever and endless insecurities at every turn.

A simple TRUTH….a beautiful heart ❤ shines to perfect all the rest of your being.



How bright will you shine? Choose to shine today. Right now. Turn it up. Up! Up! Up! Up!
Turn it up! Be Outstanding? Be Brilliant? Be Excellent? Beam, radiate, gleam. Choose this day to shine.