Aging out of Foster Care?


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Loving Me!


“Just before I turned twelve, my Mother received custody of me and my brother, who lived with my Father the longest. Now she finally had all six of her children living with her. While I am sure that it was very difficult for her to care for all of us, she was determined to free us from this bondage that she herself suffered! As I spent time with my Mother, I found out that she was a member of a very large family; filled with Men and Women who demonstrated strength and character; a temperament I would so often see in my Mother; and more importantly, a temperament that I could identify within myself” (Miles, 2011, p. 100).

True Relationships Last


“…As I looked at this Man, I recognized that he was not a youngster, but a Man up in age. I wondered how this Man was able to carry this Woman; but then I noticed his arms were exposed and recognized that he worked out. The Woman was not very large, but dead weight is very heavy, and carrying such weight had to take some strength. Although this Man could have ordered transportation that would lift the wheelchair into a vehicle; he assured his wife, by taking on the accountability to do for her himself. He did what it took, for as long as he was capable of exceeding his spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Tears formed in my eyes to see such a cost, that this Man took upon himself as a gesture of love towards his Woman; his Love; his Wife. Because she was totally paralyzed and could not speak; I truly believe that she not only trusted him, but she also knew that he possessed the love of the Lord in his heart, to pay the price…” (Miles, 2011, p. 119).

Love You!


“You may regard that this Woman deserves to be loved by a Man; and you are absolutely right; that is her desire as well. However, God will replace that type of passion with a caring and Christ-like Brotherly hug. Not lustfully, but lovingly! God will provide her with love through her Sisters in Christ, who appreciate her guidance and experience; and the innocent love from the children who respect her instruction and direction. She is being loved; simply because God loves her. No matter what the case may be, with or without a Man in her life; she will be loved! The joy of the Lord is her strength! Believe me, my Friend; she will be comforted, protected, and provided for through the Lord, and the Lord alone” (Miles, 2011, p. 134).

A Man’s Family Relationship


“Realize that when a Man leaves his family, he abandons his own life, and allows confusion and chaos to comfort his loved ones. My Brother, stand for who God has made you to be; the priest, the provider, and the protector of your family. These evil principalities are determined and destined to destroy you; which will ultimately destroy your family…and the purpose that God had for your life. Man of God, we need you to be the accountable, responsible, and liable example we need to follow. Please, do not say or believe that the Woman you claimed to love is not worth you taking and making the right choice! God will see you through your transformation…if you choose to build on the effort! Get help…fix yourself up…and come back to us, as the Man God has positioned you to be in our lives! Then will you be able to see us through the eye of God to know that your Wife’s worth is far more than rubies” (Miles, 2011, p. 16).



“This Man of God and Woman of God were always together; if you seen one, you would always see the other close by! They enjoyed being around each other; and appreciated sharing time with each other. They were friends! Two individuals; with two distinct personalities, two great minds; two divine spirits, and yet; bonded as one in the Lord! For example; it’s like a sensational dancer becoming one with the music! Allow your body to move with the waves…a Congo beat…or a gliding Waltz! You become one with the music! When couples live as one; they possess the distinct ability to be on one accord! I truly believe that most Women want a Man who knows how to take the opportunity to share in harmony; makes time to love them; and knows how to embrace their unique romantic spirit” (Miles, 2011, p. 137).

Faith in God


“Man of God, does your faith in God govern an example for your family to trust God, and to honor God? Put on the shield of faith, which provides the ability to asphyxiate all attacks of the sinful one, sinful dealings, and sinful beliefs. Who is the shield of your faith my Friend? The Lord is the shield to all who trust in Him. Man of God, you are a Man of strength, a Man of integrity, and a Man of faith. However, does your family see you as the priest of the temple, the king of the castle, and the provider from poverty? When your family sees that you possess these qualities; and have proven it, time and time again; tell me, do they acknowledge their trust in you…through your heavenly Father” (Miles, 2011, p. 59).

Be Hopeful!


“Don’t you know that God’s grace is sufficient? Have you not realized that God forgave you when you repented for all of your sins; do you hear me; all of your sins…and threw them in the sea of forgetfulness! I don’t care if others remember your faults and want to throw it in your face a thousand times. God is why we are here! God is who we need to impress! God is the only One who matters! He is the One who loves you unconditionally; that is why He wants you to love again and to be loved by whom He puts together with you; formed from your rib, and placed before you! Not with someone you think, guess, or assume, but with someone you know without a shadow of a doubt God positioned in your life” (Miles, 2011, p. 167).

Excerpt From Trying to Make a Puzzle Piece Fit- My Book . Chapter 9


I picked up Pierce and headed to the grocery store. I called Ed and asked what did he want for dinner. He said something light because Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I said salads it is. Ed asked what do your family do for Thanksgiving.? We meet at my Grandmother’s house and potluck. This year I am […]