24 Hours of Sleep

Sleep on it before making a decision.

Only You Satisfy


You want it. You want the abundant feeling of being loved. You want moments that take your breath away and a deep connection that sends chills up your spine. You want sustainable satisfaction over fleeting pleasure.  You will search everywhere for that kind of love.  I searched everywhere too. I moved to Italy to feel […]

Whatever you do don’t quit


We often get so tired worn out, run down in the process of well doing, doing life and going after our dreams. The obstacles can appear as if the mission is impossible. But whatever you do don’t quit. You can rest, refuel recharge but do not quit. The tiredness is a sign much work has […]

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Spiritual Warfare


“I promise you that the patterns have taught me that this Storm may have you lost in the woods, but you’re coming out on the other side to a beautiful sunny meadow. Just watch and see.”