The Budget

Write a Budget and stick to it.

Organization is Key


Being organized starts with admitting that you need to declutter your home, office, or even your life. You must implement a system that fits your lifestyle in order to proceed with applying the method that works best for you. Everything that you have should have its own home or place that it should be in […]

Holiday Season

. . . we do have the power to shift our expectations to embrace the life we have rather than the one we wanted or felt like we deserved. It can be hard work, but freedom is on the other side. I’ve found it and I hope you do too.

Are Your Celebrations Toxic or Childish?


“Are Your Celebrations Toxic or Childish?” – The topic I am speaking on in this blog post is the importance of recognizing that the way we choose to celebrate holidays and events impacts us as well as others beyond the moment, especially when we decide to use fireworks.

~The way in which you choose to celebrate and your thought process behind it shows if you have a mindset that thinks beyond the moment to see the microscopic~ Coach Sam

The Pain of Denial

Denial is a dangerous drug. It snuffs out the truth and blocks love. It makes one believe that all is okay. Even when their life is in disarray. Vices gripping them day by day. Negative attitude sprinkling the words they say. But, “Nothing is wrong, I’m feeling great!” Denial comes with a tendency to debate. […]