2021 Is My Year

2021 is My Year

I declare 2021 as the year I will be consistent in my goals and measure my success by my consistent effort. Consistency is key. Often times many people underestimate the power of consistency and ONLY focus on the end result.  Knowing that there is nothing that I cannot do that I haven’t set my mind to is comforting. Ever since I was a teenager I have journaled and made vision boards. The power of journaling CONSISTENTLY has proven to be therapeutic and a positive habit. When reviewing my past journal entries, I am proud to see “where I was”, “where I wanted to be” and “where I actually ended up” – the consistent actions toward my goals stretched me beyond my imagination.  When I decided to become an entrepreneur I was scared, however I remembered my vision, my purpose and started the journey.  I had to define what success looked like for me; I came to the conclusion that consistent actions equated to success…taking a step every day, every week, every month, every year brought me here to this point where I am living a productive and purpose filled life. Whatever I believe in my mind, I can hold it in my hands.

I’ve hit the “jackpot” so to speak by understanding the power of consistency.  CONSISTENTLY showing gratitude DAILY for my life, health, family, friends, home, business, and all things GOD has provided for us to live on this beautiful earth. 2020 was a challenging year for many: the pandemic interrupted many lives with COVID-19 resulting in death, unrealized goals, and a new way of interacting with one another. Essential workers, social distancing, virtual meetings, wearing masks, outside dining became our norm truly an adjustment that wasn’t easy in the beginning but proved to be necessary.  2021 is here and the residual impact of 2020 is still here but YES I still believe I hit the jackpot – it all begins in our thoughts and I know that I have been called to a purpose that is bigger than any insecurity I have. 

It is my genuine wish that 2021 be a year of massive increase of growth, transformation and prosperity for you. 

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