2021 Stimulus Check Spending Tips

Here we are at round three. Waiting on a stimulus check can feel like a lifetime, but once you get it what do you do? Do you save it? Spend it? Pay bills? Or all three…. And no spending it and paying bills are not the same thing. Spending it refers to splurging on yourself. Buying things that you usually could not offered. If you are like me, you probably do all three and if you are not like me, I am going to help you understand the importance of dividing this third stimulus check to get ahead in life.

Although bills are backed up, it is always important to save some money for yourself. Spending the entire check on bills does not leave emergency money for future months. As Americans we cannot predict what other sharp turns 2021 may have for us. The year of 2020 were full of many surprises. With the White House slowly falling apart, it is very important to plan for the future. Saving some funds from the stimulus check is planning for the future.

Try to make a realistic budget for yourself. Look at bills that are high priority. Pay some of the bill not all of it. Paying a portion of a bill is always better than giving nothing at all.

 Never neglect you. You have been working hard through this pandemic. Take a few dollars to reward yourself. We are often too hard on ourselves. We let bills add too much stress to our lives. If the government is giving money to help you, then understand it is a worldwide financial crisis. You are not alone. If you take $20 – $50 for yourself, it will not reflect drastically on your bills.

Stay strong through these hard times. You are still here. Covid-19 has impacted us in so many ways, but we are still here! Focus on your positive achievements.


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