Stop Trying To Control The Uncontrollable


What are you trying to control and why? Control is rooted in fear. If you’ve never heard this, please pay close attention to why. Ask yourself what you are fearing in those moments when you try to control something or someone. What are you dealing with deep down inside of you that you have not […]

Are You Willing to Examine You and Invest in You?


“Are You Willing to Examine You and Invest in You?” – Happy New Year’s to You! Well, with this being the beginning of a new year, I’m sure most of us have goals and dreams we want to attain. So, in this blog post, I speak specifically about the two things that we all must be willing to do – Evaluate the person in the mirror and invest the necessary adjustments in us to make what we dream a reality we live.

~When you realize there’s more to life than what your eyes can see, you’ll live for more than the moment of what you feel~ Coach Sam

“Take It To The Grave…”


Take it to your grave is a saying often heard as it pertains to secrets. Almost all of us have things that we choose to keep entirely hidden from our circle. Sometimes we hide things for fear of being judged. As a sense of setting boundaries or protection, we sometimes keep the things we cherish […]

New Year New You


As the new year begins, it’s always a great time to start focusing on working on you.

It’s ok to make it about YOU!


If you want true healing and to live your best life, you have to take some time to put the focus on you. Healing is not for the weak! I know we’ve all seen the pictures of the woman mediating on the beach or in some secluded area. She has her eyes closed with a […]