Know About Money

”There is a difference between income and wealth, but without knowledge and a clear budget your reality of wealth may never appear.”

Toxic relationships

Stay in the toxic relationship if you want to sis , but you’ll never know what a happy and healthy relationship looks like if you do.   You deserve more and you know you do. The problem is you don’t think you can. I use to be that girl ,I know what it feels like […]

Stop Hoarding


Hoarding information for the sake of knowing without ever doing can have the same affect mentally as hoarding items for the sake of having without using.

Coach christian

Hey men and Women ,it’s coach christian . Book a session. What is the most hurtful thing that has happened to you ? 


Hey it’s coach christian check out my profile book a audio session and see if I’m a fit for you.!

Growth and Mindset Module Motivational Sessions


[to be continued]   – get to know yourself better by getting clearer on what you want from life, by discovering your passions, purpose and wishes – find the inspiration, will and motivation to set goals, objectives and start moving in the direction of your dreams – become confident that you deserve and can have […]