You Were Created to be Different!!


Be confident in who you are.  Never allow anyone to define who you are or put you in their box of who you should be.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image.  You are loved,  creative, unique and special.   When someone tries to label you  or give their opinions about you.   Hold your […]

What is the best relationship advice you have received?

How many times have you received unsolicited relationship advice? The advice ranges from when to get married too when it’s time to leave the relationship.    One line of advice that stands out to me is that relationships are 50/50. However, after my marriage I soon learned this was not the case. No one should […]

Stand For What You Know


Do you practice what you preach? Are you confident in the knowledge/wisdom that you bestow upon others? A good rule of thumb when giving others advise is to be confident in the truth of what you tell others that you stand for.  Does the knowledge of what you preach go beyond the understanding of a […]

Learning to Better Yourself

“Your life is depended upon your willingness to grow beyond what you have been taught.”

Learning to Better Yourself

Your life is depended upon your willingness to grow beyond what you have been taught

Walk With Confidence


I started my morning with prayer and meditation. This day was special, it was the first day of school for me and my Kindergarten students. I was nervous and afraid. Yes, I was afraid because this was the first day of my teaching career. I know, it sounds silly to be afraid of Kinders. Truthfully, doubt […]

Don’t stay because you love them leave because you deserve better

Don’t stay because you love them, leave because you deserve better.    I never said it would be easy to leave, but respect yourself more to walk away.    It’s harder to leave when you have a soul tie with that person, but don’t let your emotions stop you from moving on.    You are […]

Let Intuition Be Your Guide


That feeling of self-betrayal that occurs whenever you enter or remain in a situation that’s wrong for you is but a small taste of the personal hell that awaits you if you should persist.

Be Inspired


Be inspired


I am not my past mistakes  I am different and I am ok with that No one can do what I do quite like I do I am God’s child  I am chosen I have control over my thoughts and my emotions  My dignity is not for sale  There is no price someone can pay […]