Hit the Reset!

Personal Power is in your self discovery. It’s the ability to master your emotions, mindset and reactions to how you show up in the world.  It’s how you choose to empower yourself and stand in the essence of who you are.  The ability to make decisions and stand in your truth unapologetically. Be secure in […]



Purpose Living is living each day intentionally. Knowing that You Can, You Will, and most importantly You Have the Power to Accomplish your Goals.

🦋Keys for happiness and peace of mind

🦋Keys for happiness and peace of mind  . Lower your expectations of other people.  . Do your personal best then Surrender the outcome of everything to God.  . Be thankful for EVERYTHING big and small, the good and what you may think is bad.  . Tell God what you want.  We are HUMAN we make […]

A business woman’s dilemma

🦋As a business woman, finding a partner that sincerely respects your success and work ethic is not an easy thing. A lot of men say that they respect and love independent business women but it’s not really the truth from their hearts. Some of them want to be that kind of man or partner but […]

Are You Listening?


Ignoring your inner voice is self-betrayal, and the root of most stress.