2021: The Year of Selectivity

Choose a coach who walks the way, shows the way and leads the way. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Ladies I got great news, we was taught that we must keep our external appearance in check to get a man, but never was taught how to be a wife… Well the good news is… That’s a lie from the pit of hell, save your money you are only attracting shallow and broken men if […]

Never Judge a book by its cover…

All about his Glory Never ever write somebody off because of thier past, or because what they have done, or what was said about them.. All it takes is for them to call on GOD, and he will use thier story for his glory….. Never judge a person flaws, you just looking at an unfinished […]

Let them go for your own good…

When they ghosted you, it is not ALWAYS a bad thing, when people start acting funny towards you and you did absolutely nothing wrong it’s not ALWAYS something wrong with you!!! People will come in your life with motives, or with certain expectations based off what they heard, or thier perspectives on you. You could […]

Take Charge…

Don’t be discouraged when the trials and tribulations of life arises. Remember trouble don’t last always. Tap into your creativity and make good of a bad situation. You are in absolute control!!

Your Peace Matters….

Break the rules that was domesticated on you by society or family tradition when it comes to being available, showing up to events, or places you were invited to when you really don’t want to, do not fear the negative responses from people if you decided not to show up, or always answer phone calls […]

Dust the salt off…

You are reading this because you are so special and loved, that the Lord breathe into your nostril and blessed you with another day. He did not think about yesterday’s mistakes, so stop beating yourself up, there is no condemnation, GOD will not punish you with guilt and shame, that is satan method to keep […]

Guard your heart under any means necessary…

Your mental and emotional health is very important. Make sure if you are trusting someone to help you in anyway that they are emotionally and mentally capable of helping you. It is a very delicate matter when you are in your healing season, guard your mind, guard your heart, be mindful of who you decide […]

Heal From the wounds created by rejection….

Rejection is the root to many people problems, people have been rejected and hurt so much by people, that the purpose of a relationship is for someone to be an “emotional coping mechanism” by believing that a person have the power to take any abuse, hurt people make other people thier punching bag, or that […]


Do something nice for someone today!