What is trauma

From what I have gained knowledge around trauma as well as what I experienced going through traumatic events I can describe trauma as an undesired physiological response of the nervous system. Meaning that whether big or small trauma can be described as an event that makes you feel a negative emotion resulting in a response […]

Embrace The Season You’re In


Single moms, trust me when I say the season will change.

Looking Forward To It

I’ve been studying a lot lately. That looks like me not being home a lot. I work full-time and once I clock out, I clock into my dreams and goals. I remember a time when I used to clock out of my full-time job and just go on about my day with no urgency in […]

Spread Love

Your task today is to make 3 people smile. Rather it’s by compliment, gift, a hug or simply smiling first. Pay close attention to how you feel afterward.