5 Ways We Compromise Our Self-Worth💰


Self-Worth 💰 – is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself.
Ex. Your belief that you are a good person (+) who deserves good things (+) or your belief that you are a bad (-) person who deserves bad things (-).

Do You Really Have the Hook Up?


Do You Really Have the Hook Up? is my blog post inspired by a conversation of teenagers talking about fast food and how they offer extra services to their friends at work and while it made me smile to hear some of their friends decline, it also made me think about how limited our view can be on having the hook up.

~ When you have the hook up you have access to more than freebies, you have people in your corner and in your life who care about you and for you so they always have your best interest in mind and at heart. ~Coach Sam


Be Whole and Rare!!!