Christians who want to be seen

Everyone wants to stand out. We live in the social media era where our thirst to be seen is magnified x1000. People risk their health, their safety, their dignity, their soul for the likes & views of Man. For those who claim to be Christian, I’m just here to remind you as remind myself daily […]

My attire

My wardrobe has changed drastically in the past year. I’m no longer interested in keeping up with fashion trends.  It’s become about what I like, makes me feel confident and comfortable. Wearing clothes that pulls everyone’s attention tends to get you more of the wrong type of attention. Appearance. Your reflection. How you present yourself.  Matters.  […]

For singles

Once upon a time I met a guy & my intuition began to scream “DANGER!, DANGER!, ABORT MISSION”. I’ll tell you why and then I’ll tell you the key to how to know the intentions of any dude in your life. Aight so  boom, this dude was hiding me…We talked regularly on the phone, FaceTimed, and […]

What clients are saying about Coaching By Katrina!

“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.”

-John Wooden