Blind with sight?

John 9:1-12 is such a glorious passage.  It is a passage not only about blindness in the literal sense but blindness in the figurative sense.  As Jesus fled a situation of men attempting to stone him to death, He passed by a man who was blind from birth.  And Jesus healed him. The man was blind to his […]

Is Your Talking Purposeful?


Today’s blog post “Is Your Talking Purposeful?” was inspired by my own life. As I sat listening to others explain why they believe certain phrases are abrupt or come across as rude in conversations it made me think about how often people speak and don’t speak for the sake of purpose and at same time how people can speak with purpose and the person(s) they spoke to missed it.

~If you’re talking isn’t purposeful then at its core you are building a relationship that won’t weather the storms of life.~ Coach Sam