The Importance of Self Love.

Do you really know what it means to love yourself? Is it easier for you to do for others than it is to take care of you? I know the feeling. This comes easier to some more than others, however, this is not something that is usually taught. You may find yourself having trouble in […]

Standing on Your Promises


Standing on Your Promises This morning I woke up thirty minutes prior to a scheduled phone interview with a recruiter from a hospital in my state of residence. She offered me nights and I prefer days. The starting wage is below my worth. Yet, I told her I would consider it. After the Covid, healthcare […]

Are You Doing the Work?


Today’s blog post, Are You Doing the Work? is a continuation from last week’s topic. However, today I give you a practical approach to determine if you’re focusing more on building the outer you more than the inner you.

~If you say you want God’s will and plan for your life, then you must choose to commit to implementing the daily principles and practices to make it possible, otherwise it won’t be so.~ Coach Sam

Protect your mind to Protect your body


If you find yourself struggling to lose weight, first, assess whether you are stressed. In medicine, it is widely taught that stress delays healing. Therefore, protecting your peace may be the puzzle piece that is currently missing from your weight loss plan.

Not Worth It

Surround yourself around people who care about you not the people you care about. 


Being a good person could be a blessing and/or a curse. I learned from my experiences that a balance is needed or you will get taken advantage of.

Giving Up

Don’t Give Up, Your Breakthrough Is So Close!