If I cared about how many likes I got, Iwould be just as shallow as the people that do. It’s deeper than that. A like doesn’t validate my person, but me being the fullness of who l am always will. If you’re only sharing to get likes, not only did you get it wrong you’re […]


We don’t access resilience when we get validation. We access resilience by the way we stand when we don’t get validation. The fruit of resilience is self-honor.

Now Is The Time

…hopefully we take a bath after we leave the 💩.

No Holding Back

The first FRUITFUL step to TRUE HEALING is the principle of NHB… No Holding Back. No Holding Back the 3 necessary choices to make with the closest people in your life. The choice to be INTIMATE. The Choice to be VULNERABLE. The choice to be AUTHENTIC. Through my personal experiences, this is the only way […]

GQ’s Man of the year is a woman?

I don’t care how much money they paid you. A woman should not be on the cover of GQ magazine as man of the year.

Domestic Violence

Most domestic violence relationships are toxic relationships. In toxic relationships most likely both parties are putting hands on one another. I’ve been in a few dysfunctional, toxic relationships. Where did I learn this behavior? By watching my parents and listening to toxic ass hip hop music that perpetuated my mind frame. We can’t always put […]

Be Picky

Don’t just give anybody your gift.

Surrender Your Story

Trust & believe the injustice that happens to you will find a way to be heard. Whether you are there to witness it or not. That’s the hard part, surrendering your story… To bring The Great I AM Glory.


… just mute them.

Don’t take the bait!

It’s called trolling! relax!