Embracing Your New Beginnings written by Dr. Gary L. Neal, Sr., Th.D., CPC


Embracing Your New Beginnings is the testimony of the everyday experiences, setbacks, failures, and victories that make life worth living. It’s to inspire and encourage you to embrace every day as a fresh start, accept people for who they are in Christ Jesus, trust that God has a plan for your life, and realize that every day that you’re alive is a day full of God’s promises, blessings, and abundant opportunities. According to God commandments, living this life is the key to a fruitful and bountiful life with God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God wants to do a “new thing” in your life every day, so embrace the newness of life and live!

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Dr. Gary Neal, Sr., Th.D.

Intentions Are Important

Intentions Are Important             I read a social media post a few years ago that caused me to remember to examine myself and be mindful of my surroundings, especially people. The post read as follows:   I will never forget the day I realized that both God and Satan wanted […]

Let Go and Grow Up

Let Go and Grow Up!              As we grow and develop from children to adults, there are sure to be times in our lives when we will take steps to becoming free-standing human beings. However, as parents, letting go can be difficult. As Christians, we know God the Father wants […]

Bea Pit-Praiser!

Be a Pit-Praiser!             Waiting for the Lord to move in our behalf ain’t always easy. Even Jesus, our Lord and Savior, didn’t always receive instant answers to His prayers. But He realized that delays don’t necessarily mean denial.       God answers prayers when it’s best suited to […]

Someting New in Your Life

Something New in My Life             You can’t go through life thinking you’ve reached your limit. “I’ll never get well or be able to afford a nice house”. Thinking like that is going to prohibit you from receiving God’s best. Quit declaring defeat over your life and start speaking victory […]

A Gift for the Believer

A Gift for the Believer             God has a specific purpose and ministry for every believer. Our spiritual gifts help us to fulfill His plans and purposes. We learn which one (or ones) we possess by getting involved in the life of the church.       In other words, […]

A Fresh Start is the Best Start

A Fresh Start is the Best Start             Don’t go through life beating yourself up, thinking about everything you’ve done wrong, dwelling on your mistakes, go to God and ask for forgiveness, then move on. Don’t keep bringing up the same failures. The first time you asked, God not only […]

The Seed that Never Dies

The Seed That Never Dies             It takes a great deal of time and effort to properly develop a garden – cultivating the dirt, regular watering, and pulling weeds. However, a gardener spends the least amount of time doing what is perhaps the most important task: selecting and planting the […]

God is in Control

God is in Control         God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He desires for us to grow spiritually and excel in every area of life. Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives. It keeps us from getting stuck in a rut. God will supernaturally open […]

Hide Me, Lord

Hide Me, Lord         God never said that we would never experience problems, but He did promise that whenever trouble comes upon us, He’d hide us, even if we are the reason for our troubles. God won’t allow our circumstances to stop our purpose.       God knows how to open […]