27 Ways to Take Your Mind off of Men

If you're having an epiphany that you have been focused too much on men these days, take a break from dating and try these great ideas to invigorate your life.
  • Originally Published on January 23, 2020 on LinkedIn

Boys boys boys!

We’ve all been a little boy crazy at one time or another. For some of us, it’s a phase when we’re like 12 years old. Or maybe it snuck up on us into college. (Or maybe you are in college!)

Then, there’s those of us who get spurts of hunger for a man no matter what age! Well, it should be seen as neither a blessing nor a curse, it’s just apart of life. We can blame it, shame it, or we can just deal with it!

Instead of falling into the cycle of crying black mascara stains onto a pillow again. (or even worse contacting a guy from the past) let’s try a different solution to this never-ending heartbreak cycle. Try enriching yourself by distracting yourself.

When utilizing the power of not thinking about a man you allow a space for your self-esteem to breathe honey! 

Let me provide you with some ideas with the list below! Here it goes, 27 ways to take your mind off men!

  • Try out a nice restaurant you haven’t been to and dress up with your girlfriends. I’ve had my eyes on a classy lounge in Seoul I will visit soon.
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  • Channel your inner Martha Stewart and redecorate your home (or someone else’s). Maybe declutter and become a minimalist like Marie Kondo, who knows where it could lead!
  • Take a flying yoga class. Whoever said you couldn’t defy gravity?
  • Buy a fresh fragrance or essential oil to boost your mood. When you smell good, you feel good!
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  • Interview a couple you admire and spend time with them.
  • Pretend that a friend from out of town is visiting you, and research and plan what your favorite places are in your city to show them. It may come in handy next time!
  • Work towards a career based project you’ve had in your heart for a long time. Mine is called my World Wide Woman Pinterest board.
  • Teach someone a skill you have. I do this naturally when I talk to my friends who are non-native English speakers.
  • Unsabotage your life with some self-care. Take a rosepetal bubble bath while enjoying your favorite playlist.
  • Write out or record an interview with someone in your family. I recommend the oldest person in your family!
  • Craving some puppy love? Offer to walk someone’s dog.
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  • Try on a new look. I’m getting colored contacts next month and will be dying my hair pretty soon.
  • Get ahead of the game and buy a gift for someone’s birthday in advance.
  • Attend a charity ball or a gala. A great choice if you like having an excuse to dress up.
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  • Revisit a childhood hobby. I used to love making and editing YouTube videos.
  • In the mood for food? Take a cooking class with a friend.
  • Get a plant and learn how to take care of it to fuel those oozing maternal instincts.
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  • Brand or rebrand your social media. If your social media is all set, offer to help someone level up their social media accounts.
  • Make something you can put on your wall.
  • Take a course related to your work: I’m currently taking an SEO course on LinkedIn.
  • Look up hacks on something you normally spend a lot of money on. For example, I could spend a lot of money on traveling, so I try to find deals and coupons online for tourist excursions.
  • Give/Ask advice on a public forum.
  • Broadcast a live video and discuss with followers about their favorite movies. One of mine is “Riding in Cars with Boys”. A great option for the movie buffs.
  • Dress up and pretend to be from a different era and film a live video.
  • Create memes and share them online.
  • Look at houses you may want and where you may want to live in the future.
  • Go for the gold and learn how to invest in gold (or silver)!
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Or if you’re into it…bitcoin!

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Pro tip: Vent to others, and set a time limit for it.

Once you’re done be sure to avoid talking it through with a friend all over again that’s only going to make you continue to waste your breath.

Now once you quit daydreaming about that guy that’s never gonna text you back. You will find you have more energy and free time, to do amazing things such as these!

Anyway, count to 3 and say aloud, “A man is not everything nor will he ever be everything.”

Try to put your own spin on these and implement them into your life!

Comment below if you do!

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