3 essential ingredients to being a godly single woman

Being single isn’t a punishment to escape but a calling to enjoy

3 Essentials of being a godly single woman: 

  1. A focus on God and His Word
  2. Your Purpose
  3. Loving completely the person God created you to be

Essential ingredient #1A focus on God and His Word– It all begins and ends with Him. As scripture tells us, He’s the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 22:13). I learned as a single it’s not about getting God to fit into my program and having Him cosign my agenda, but the opposite. I’m here on earth for Him. He’s given me life to serve Him and to serve people. Also, as a single Christian I learned that it’s about sharing The Good News with others. When you focus on God and His Word as a single, you download the game plan surrounding The Kingdom of God into your heart and opt out of the ways and distractions of this world.

Essential ingredient #2 knowing and living inYour Purpose– Your purpose includes knowing why God created you and serving those He called you to. I just discovered my purpose, or I believe I have now revealed part of it to me in what I do now. I love examining my life before and after Christ and sharing the wisdom I learned now that I’m in Christ and sharing the benefits of living a godly life. And when I say godly by no means do I mean mistake free. I just now see that I can dust myself off and try again after the life trials and disappointments. I press and stay in faith until I have the victory, not just for me but for the glory of God. I share my story to uplift other women and hope that they can learn something from me to take along their journey as I learned from other women before me.

I also believe it’s my purpose to become complete in Him and heal my heart and fill all the internal voids with The truth of God’s Word instead of the world’s reasoning. I don’t need to look like this or talk like that to fit a mold or standard that society deems acceptable but embrace the fabric of righteousness, clothing myself with strength and dignity (Proverbs 31:25).

Essential ingredient #3 Loving completely the person God created you to be– Having the ability to love yourself without a ring, wedding, significant other or companionship is the real flex. That nothing external can fill God’s internal validation of you and once you know that God’s validation is enough, you no longer seek the approval of man. When you let go of the thoughts and opinions of others, this frees you to do what God has created you to do and be unapologetically.

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