3 MUST HAVE Mindset + Fitness Tips

Tip #1: Examine Self Talk Around Your Fitness Journey

Taking time to examine our thoughts about our fitness journey is so important. Why? Because our thoughts usually influence our emotions, which influences our behaviors. Here is an example, Jane sits down to start planning out her fitness routine and she starts thinking “I am going all out, no days missed, strict clean eating, LET’S GO!” OKAY JANE I am here for the motivation and passion; however the All or Nothing mindset is a trap and is usually why most people end up stuck, unsuccessful, or stagnant. All or nothing thinking leads individuals into a place where we are striving for perfection versus balance. With an all or nothing mindset, Jane might feel like a failure and quit if she eats a small fry from McDonalds.Which will lead her to not meeting her goals, not because she ate a fry, but because she decided to quit after she ate the fry.  A more blanched mindset is thinking “Those fries were really good (especially when they are hot), even though they weren’t in my plan for today, I have been doing well overall. I am looking forward to my healthy meal tonight.”This is just one trap, but the point is, examine your thoughts around your journey because most times they will either drive you to your fitness success or slash your tires before you get there. 


Tip #2: Explore Past Success and Lessons

If you fall off of your fitness journey and have to start over, remember this YOU ARE NOT STARTING FROM SCRATCH. Consider all that went well in your last experience. What worked for you? What did you learn about yourself? How can this information be useful this time around? Do not throw away all of the data you have gathered at this point. Notice I did not label it as Success and Failure. I did it intentionally because we only fail when we give up. If we decide to keep going, it turns into a lesson. It changes into an obstacle that we are better prepared for. Once we have this mindset towards our fitness journey we can look at our past experiences as tools we can use to achieve more, go longer, and empower ourselves to reach our goals. 

Tip #3: You are More than a Number 

Take some time to examine the why behind your journey. Why do you have health goals? What is on the other side? This examination will help you move beyond the number of the scale. Scale number is just a data point, it is not the only data we should look at. Examine your current relationship with the scale. If it is not a healthy one, what might be other ways to track progress? Here are some examples: the pride you feel after completing a workout, the connection you feel with your walking group, the decrease in pants size, or the increased energy you feel. You are more than a number. This is a mindset tip because scale weight is heavily influenced by various factors: time of day, time of month, water weight, and even your type of floor. So we have to create a mindset that allows for several measurements of progress so we do not become stuck and defined by a number. Give yourself permission to feel good without the audience of others or without the recognition of others.

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