3 reasons why you may want to ditch your bonnet and pajamas in public

Reason 1: Dress as if you may run into your ex and his new girlfriend.

3 situations why you should dress appropriate in public

With all the debates online about if bonnets are appropriate in public I decided to weigh in and give my opinion on why I think we should all make the little extra effort to look good in public.

Reason 1: Dress as if you may run into your ex and his new girlfriend. Now hear me out on this, I know you may not care about your ex any more or his thoughts or what he thinks, but would you rather him see you out and think “man I lost a real one,” or “I dodged a bullet with that one, look at how she’s dressed with a bonnet on and her pajamas, she must still be hurting after I left.” I hope you would want him to feel like he missed the chance of a lifetime by letting you go or him doing something that made you have to leave him because you took the time to work on your three B’s as Tony says (your brain, your brand and your body) and you are looking good both physically and mentally.

Reason 2: Dress as if you may run into Obama (or your favorite politician) and he’s on his way to meet Michelle for lunch at the new cute eatery in your city and he decides to invite you to join them for lunch. Now think about the scenario anything could happen God orders our steps and what if God orders your steps right into the former leader of the free world, if you were dressed in your comfortable best, I believe you would be glad you didn’t have your bonnet on or your pajamas even if you were just running a quick errand to the store. You’ll be very grateful that you decided to put that extra effort into your appearance because when an opportunity presented it’s self you were already dressed for the occasion. 

Reason 3: (Now this is for my entrepreneur, business owners, those with personal brands that they are the face of, industry leaders, self-made people) Dress as if you may run into a camera crew on the street that wants to interview you about your business or brand, basically giving you free promotion and this video will go on the shade room. Now you know deep inside you don’t want to look a mess promoting yourself or your business and being posted on the shade room possibly has the reach to blow your brand up if it hasn’t already taken off and if it has it still could increase your reach to a different audience, so if you dressed in a way where you are already camera ready but comfortable, you’ll be glad you look good enough to promote your brand. We all know people are visual creatures. Who would you rather buy from the person who looks put together or the person who looks like they just rolled out of bed?

Disclaimer: This is not to condemn anyone or down the person that chooses to dress in pjs and wear a bonnet or but for the women who forgot how bomb they are outside of the bonnet.

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