3 Reasons You should Move in Silence 

Many people talk too much and wonder why their dreams don't ever make it past just an idea its because you have to learn to keep your goals to yourself and start working on your goals.

Real g’s move in silence. LOL what is this a freaking 90’s hip hop video. No its not but I think there is some truth to “MOVE IN SILENCE” now before we get into this let me first tell you what this is not going to be. I am not about to tell you that 

-People are haters (because its more than likely not)

-People have it out for you (it cant be this deep)

-People will think you are a douche bag because you want to speak great about your accomplishments (forget these people anyway) 

B U T 

The sentiments of you moving in silence is probably because its something you plan on doing and it may be just starting or on the horizon of starting…here are my 3 reason I belie you should move in silence and its has to do with YOU and not “people” (who are these people many of us speak of anyway”) Never mind back to 

3 Reasons You should move in silence 


    1. Your plan may not be solidified- Some of us have a tendency to share a half baked plan because it’s so exciting to us that we want to share the great idea with others. 
    2. When we share an idea there is a trigger that gets sent to our brain that gives us satisfaction that we have completed the thing or idea when in actuality we are just riding off the excitement of 
    3. Your plan may change – You have a right to change plans or hey things usually take 10 times the effort than we think which causes a delay of what we are trying to do. The last thing we need is for you plans to change constantly and then people critique you for the change so do the changes in private.
    4. You may fail- Even though many of us have all the positivity in the world in what we do but failure is real. Of  course we hope not but again some things don’t go as planned and it’s not a failure but maybe it is a start over or a re-strategy.


Its beneficial while moving in silence to 

      • Share with a close friend or 2 (because let’s face it you will want to share) 
      • Get an accountability buddy 
      • Celebrate small wins (fro-yo anyone) 


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