3 Signs Your Man Wants to Heal

As a woman, we have a natural inclination to heal ourselves hence the people we surround ourselves with- even our partners! But Are they Ready?


The Creatrix. Divine feminine, she has a natural capacity for healing. Her nurturing touch, words and love is truly transformational. Many moments in my life I can remember embracing these qualities about me. I loved these traits so much that I had to share it. After while, my devotion to emotion and caring told me that it was my duty to uplift and heal all those who are present in my life. Especially the people I keep close. 

There is a Natural Essence..

about us though, that I must say many aren’t aware of because.. inherently we aren’t aware of it ourselves. It gets labeled as “negativity”, it gets labeled as “moody”, or “PMS”. When really, this are periods in our cycle where we recognize that.. it’s now time to purge, let go, and heal. 

comes only after we’ve endured the pain of the wound. It comes when we’ve felt what was necessary to be felt, then recognize from those emotions what is no longer serving us— and replacing it with something that now does. 

In Love & Relationships
A Goddess always senses when something is not right. She also senses, when something is.. and She will always let you know when the scales are tipping in either direction.

The more Naive girl, will notice these same things as well. There’s however a difference between the way it is handled. The young girl will attempt to do something to avoid her intuition (true feelings) by providing practical help to the situation at hand so that she can proceed to hold onto and feel the same emotions she was before.

A Goddess however, will simply state her boundaries in relation to her intuition (her true feelings) and let the UniverSoul Magic do all the hard work. She’s not afraid of her truth.. where as the young girl is still clouded by lies. 

This is where you find the women that have men in their lives who put minimal effort into providing these women with the Love that they look to receive. The woman who works all day long while her man is at home playing video games, eating all the food in the fridge. The woman who knows she’s being lied to or kept in the dark about something but evades the subject so she can continue being comfortable. 

Here is the Basic Foundations Of Granting people the usage of your energy, where neither of you are truly benefiting from this exchange. You both may chalk yourself up into thinking you are, because you’re comfortable. But True greatness is always attained outside of that comfort zone.

A Goddess doesn’t have energy to waste, that is what’s most important to her. It’s not time, it’s not money. Her flame, her spirit is what’s most valuable to her and she sees that everything that she ignores her intuition for will slowly but surely convince her that her own inner Being is not to be trusted. She knows her truth is her greatest gift for healing, progression and transformation.

So How Do You Know The Difference between someone who’s ready to HEAL.. & Someone Who’s Looking For HELP? 
1. They are eager to Listen 

Very often I notice when someone even has the potential for healing, they’re open to words of wisdom. Usually people who are still scorned and not ready for healing will still think they have all the answers.. them and ONLY THEM.

They’re very disconnected from their heart and not able to understand that we are all in sync with each other, and that divine messages flow through from all over when you are open to receiving.

The person who wants help is blind to the spiritual matter at hand, and simply looks to you to help with the practicals. 

2. When you express your emotional negativity, they reflect instead of project

So you’ve got this feeling, and you don’t know what to do with it cuz you don’t wanna seem confrontational… then you realize that how you feel is of utmost importance, put your goddess boxing gloves on and go for it! Then something happens, you get called a negative person with bad energy that your trying to put on them.. all the while, nothing you were addressing that was “so negative” got clarified.

The person that wants help, doesn’t want to reflect on what they could possibly be doing that is unhealthy.

They will turn your initial suspicion into a flaw on your own behalf, turning everything back onto you. You know someone is about healing when you bring them your NOT PERFECT But Real emotions, and they reflect on what kind of person they may have been to arouse those feelings in you and address what they can do to keep it from happening again. 

3. They Appreciate & Adore Your Truth

When you express your truth, your intuition, your spirits message.. the person who seeks healing will fall in love with you for it. 
They will admire you, and take heed to your voice because they can feel the sincerity of true love for yourself (hence, all other things) imbedded in your words. 
The person who wants help will get annoyed, or patiently wait till you finish talking so they can proceed with the same thought process they had before you showed up in their life. They’re simply not interested in all the hard energetic effort that comes with going within, and they despise or completely ignore this aspect about you. 

Healing is something we’ve been gifted with the ability to do naturally, and As The Creatrix— it is our birthright to heal.

We are our babies first doctor, first lover, first friend. For the world, or other people to diminish those beautiful traits we possess is criminal. But for it to first be a crime we’ve got to point a finger and call it a crime. 

So many people in the world are beginning to truly embrace the energy of healing. Seeing that it’s never a perfect experience, but a real one.

The Compassion, sincerity and understanding is what gives us the chance to rise above the hardships and appreciate life. So relish in being the natural healer you are, because without all those powerful negative emotions the world would never change for the better. 

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