3 Things Every Parent Should Know

All Over The Worldthere are women opting to feed their babies lab made formula over their own nurturing milk. I ask them why? Some say they wanted to, but just couldn’t seem to produce any milk. Others say they couldn’t because their babies suck too hard and it hurts, or that their nipples are sensitive.. OR that it’s too much work. 
& I agree, with the pressures women are faced with (raising children, raising men, running the world) breast feeding your child can be exhausting, exasperating and formula just feels and seems like a no brainer.  
But what if I told you milk, wasn’t just water minerals and nutrients? It’s not a blueprint formula your body makes like they do in labs, Our very thoughts, emotions and energy goes into our milk and can develop your babies strength and immunity faster and far better than a bottle ever could. 
So why then do women do it?
As I said, a large proportion opt for it because they feel that there is no better choice than the one their doctors feed them. 
When I was pregnant with Eleva (my daughter), it was a little more obvious to people that My health and the babies health was entirely integrated. There’s no denying that there is s bond we have when I’m the one mainly involved in the child’s nourishment and growth. 
Once she came out of me though, I saw that people’s view of the scenario changed almost instantly. Anything that was happening with me, became completely separate from my child and the things she experienced. 
The thing is, I KNEW that it was so deeply intertwined. It would start to annoy me how people would ask about the baby all the time but never once ask about me? 
So I’d keep quiet to not seem “selfish”, when in reality everything should have been about ME. 
I am the vessel that got this soul here, 
and yes I am important. 
See from the time we get pregnantand carry the baby we start paving the perception of motherhood for ourselves and what that means. We have baby showers, that are baby centered. We go baby shopping, We obsess over everything having to do with the baby. 

Right now in the U.S. Maternal Mortality is at a high, while infant mortality is at an extreme LOW. What does that mean? There are children coming into this world with no mama to meet, even though she got them here.  
We can blame it on the technical illnesses, and complications. The real focus is to me, why do they exist in the first place?  
I for one, do not think childbirth is as difficult as this society has painted it to be (especially throughout history). So it’s safe to say that there is an energetic imbalance in the light (attention) we are giving the realm of mamahood. 

Here are some of the MAIN Things I notice.. 
1. Mama should be Properly Blessed Into Mamahood 
In ancient indigenous tradition, a little before the time of her birth all the women of the tribe would gather to bless her into a peaceful journey towards being a mama. They would share their stories, give her advice, Honor her body by decorating it with beads and body art, and send love to the baby for their safe arrival. It’s nowadays known as a “Blessingway”. 
Today, no one thinks of the process but more readily focus on the baby by bringing the baby gifts and good wishes. This is beautiful, the only thing is.. mama gets no recognition. The process she must go through to ensure the safe travel of her child goes unnoticed in reference to the spiritual and emotional support that these things need just as much as the Pilates and yoga classes.


2. Baby should Be Close To Mama, Always 

 You’ve gotten back home from the hospital, or maybe you had a home birth.. and well, would you look at that! It’s been 3 weeks and now you’ve gotta go to work. So you send your baby to the nearest doctor to get fully loaded with shots that is required by the daycare for your child to have so that they can care for him while you make ends meat. 
In other countries, baby doesn’t leave mamas side for at least 3 years. And it’s been three weeks, maybe a little bit longer and you’re separated from your beautiful baby. 
All day long you’re thinking about them, wondering if they’re okay, if they’re eating well, you’re even getting a little jealous of the person who’s spending so much time with them because deep down you know you’re the only one who can love your baby the way you do. 
We’re taught that if we hold our children too much that we’ll spoil them, that we’ve gotta break them from our warmth and comfort to fit our own personal and societal needs. 
This is crazy because it tells our spiritual mind that this child is on your time, and when they’re doing anything outside of stroking our identity and ego, they’re essentially a burden. 
This leads women to do all kinds of crazy things with their children, like locking them in a closet when they can’t find a babysitter so they can go to the club. Or Ignoring their child’s cry when they don’t feel like being bothered.

3. Mamas Baby, Papas Maybe 
Ever wonder why, the father in a family has different relationships with each of their children? And these children have different moms, living in different places? Most likely, Daddy will have the best bond with child of the Mama he has the best relationship with. 
Nowadays people really draw crooked lines when it comes to co-parenting, and raising a family. Women are literally expected to lower their worth, tolerate things she normally wouldn’t, and even just be grateful when it comes to having a father that’s actively present in a child’s life. The thing is, that child’s relationship with their father is coated with whatever relation that was had between him and mama.
If she can’t stand him, hates his guts, never wants to see him again.. then the same rules are gonna apply to her creation and that baby will feel that. If she loves him and appreciates being around him, then that baby will feel that. It doesn’t matter how much she tries to make herself ignore the feelings she gets, the truth will always come out through that baby. 
So the next time someone tries to guilt trip or shame a woman for exercising her rights to feel, and act on those feelings in her own best interest— don’t opt to make everything once again, solely about the childThe child’s well-being is dependent upon their Mamas well-being. 
Whatever she goes through will leak out onto her children.
Therefore Her comfort, Love and Wellness is of upmost importance.

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