3 things single moms should consider before deciding to accept a job offer

 One of the main concerns that many single moms face is having to deal with work related stress in addition to parenting solo. As a single mom, it is important that you think twice before you decide to take a position and consider how the position would potentially interfere with your parenting responsibilities.  Before you decide whether or not to take that next job offer, I want you to consider these three things:


1) Company Culture- This one is the FIRST factor that I personally consider before I decide whether or not I want to accept a job offer. Being a single mom is challenging, and the last thing that I want to have to deal with is working in a work environment that is toxic or in an environment where I feel like it is just not a good fit.  Life is too short, there is no need to waste time in an office environment that is not good for your mental health. 

2) Flexibility – This is another important factor to consider!  You want to find out what flexibility comes along with the job offer. Maybe the job allows you to work remotely a few days a week, allows you to set your own hours, or even allows you to bring your child to work with you. 

3) Pay/Benefits- Okay, this is the most OBVIOUS factor.  I have this as the third factor for a reason. The pay and benefits are important, after all it takes coins to take care of these babies, but I personally would prefer a position with a  company that a has a great company culture along with flexibility but paid me less, than a job with a company where the  culture was toxic but they paid me more money.  You’ve heard the saying before, “Money isn’t everything”. Listen sis,  a peace of mind is priceless! With that being said, financial stress is common for single moms, so you definitely should consider the pay and the benefits that come along with the position. 

These are just the top three things that I personally believe every single mom should consider when deciding whether or not to take a job. There are definitely other factors as well. If you are thinking about whether or not you should accept a job offer and you want to discuss it with a single mom that can relate to your situation, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @nasheiaconway or send me an email at nasheia.conway@gmail.com 

Sidebar: My blog posts are not long winded, maybe that’s because I really don’t consider myself as a writer. I prefer oral communication over written communication. With that being said, If you would like to see a video of me talking about this topic a little more in depth then I would recommend that you go watch the video on my YouTube Channel @nasheiaconway . I would post the link in the body of this blog post, but I seriously don’t even know how to do that. I’m not on that level yet lol. 

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