3 Ways to Challenge Your Teen in 2021

2020 was a year for the history books. Many of us were not prepared for the physical, emotional and mental changes that occurred this year. 

Although 2020 had many plot twists, we all came out with lessons and blessings in one way, shape or form. This is also true for our youth and teens.

This school year, our young people had to do things differently. They missed seeing their friends on a daily basis, attending after school activities as well as adjusting to new learning environments.

Moving into 2021, without knowing what will come of the new year, here are 3 ways to challenge your teen.

  1. Get your teen connected with a coach
    As adults we understand that life throws punches our way. For teens, life’s obstacles can be a lot to handle. In addition, teens don’t always feel comfortable talking about difficult issues with their parents. With a certified coach, your teen will have a listening ear and the tools for overcoming obstacles in their own way. 
  2. Encourage them to start a gratitude journal
    Gratitude helps us to realize the blessings in our life. It reminds us that there are so many things to be grateful for despite having not so good days. Challenge your teen to see the positive. Purchase a journal for your teen (or have them pick out a journal.) Have a discussion about the importance of gratitude. Have them write three things that they are grateful for daily. This is something that you can discuss with them weekly or join them by starting your own gratitude journal. Don’t forget to reward them for completing their entries!
  3. Unplug from technology
    This is definitely a tough one for our youth today. Even if it’s an hour weekly to unplug and do something they want to do. This may be taking an hour to practice learning to drive, complete a D.I.Y project or time for exercise. This can also be a fun family hour, for all family members to unplug and enjoy an activity. As your teen is able to unplug for one hour weekly, then they can increase to an hour daily or even one full day during the week.

    These three actions will challenge your teen in 2021 by helping them to become more open, reflect on their blessings in life and be more present in the moment.

– Breanna Gallion

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