3 Ways to Handle Hopelessness

No situation is too great for you to overcome

Life is unfair.

Finding hope in the midst of the storms you face can seem impossible at times. Failed relationships, financial troubles, and the ordinary chaos of life can make you want to give up. I remember a time when I felt this way, I was a newly single mom of two just escaping a toxic marriage. I was broken, afraid, and lonely. I was angry with God and myself and unsure of what my future would look like. It was during this challenging time that I learned 3 ways for handle hopelessness:

Key #1: Don’t Beat Yourself Up! It’s easy to be negative and beat yourself up over the mistakes you made, but I promise you it will only make you feel worse. When you face disappointments you must learn to be patient and kind to yourself; take a day off, pamper yourself, or go for a day-cation. Find something you enjoy doing and give yourself permission to enjoy it.

Key #2: Focus on the Future. The way you feel today won’t be the way you feel tomorrow. Choose to focus on your goals and your dreams and where you want to be instead of where you are at the moment.

Key #3: Create a Vision. Without a vision, you won’t know where you’re going in life. You must set the course of your life or others will set it for you. One of the reasons we get into dead-end relationships is because we don’t have a vision for our lives so we allow any and everyone to have access to us. When you have a vision you create focus. When you are focused you have purpose and that purpose brings fulfillment into your life.

During my divorce, I was enrolled in school full-time. I was focused on being the best mother I could be and graduating from school. I wanted to create a better life for my children and I and that’s exactly what I did and you can do it too!

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