Healthy Hobbies

I wanted to create a list of healthy hobbies for you to look at that will encourage you to try something new. While some of these things will be an absolute NO for you, hopefully some things will help you compile a list of things to try.

1.      Journaling

2.      Writing or Blogging

3.      Drawing

4.      Painting Pottery

5.      Scrapbooking

6.      Candle Making

7.      Making natural body care products

8.      Cooking/Baking

9.      Dance

10. Pilates

11. Hiking

12. Sewing/Kniting/Embroidery

13. Cycling

14. Running

15. Weight lifting

16. Reading

17. Gardening

18. Swimming

19. Photography

20. Horse back riding

21. Fishing

22. Star Gazing

23. Adult Coloring

24. Kickboxing

25. Rock Climbing

26. Skiing

27. Camping

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